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Way make an right early court! Difference show school of Wisconsin. So do you think the reason for the double neck with fretless on top basically a guide in case he loses his place as in he can look down at the lower fretboard? It sounds awesome but it make a lot of sense if so.

Sad that people reactively swing from religiosity 2 atheism as if organized religion & what they knew about it was the be all & end all of spirituality. Particularly westerners from the JudeoChristian mould. Take the Chinese for e.g they seek their spiritual development thru the depths of mundanity just behold their physical culture & how at its heights we can see the merging of arts & magic be they sculpture or circus acts or martial arts painting much we not seen

u forgot all the men..

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no es de qe no sirvan hay muchos honrados pero ahi muchos que andan mal por eso mexico no progresa por gente como ella pero como te digo hay muchos que si son honrados

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Neh 111 people just hit the wrong button. They must have been upside down or something when they Liked it.

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HOLY SHIT!!! You need to go to the doctor and get your hormones checked to see if you have low testosterone. Make sure they check it via saliva. It will not show up in the blood.

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You know the trouble with your public services boy its there economics to put it blunt they cant see their hand in front of their face youre living on a 70s industrial economic policythat no longer exists. Spending all the

money like water in government when you got no industiral generators to pay for it youre public services are thick they want

more water from the well. but in reality its all dried up.Youd better

get that begging bowl ready youre going to need it.

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Not to mention puppies but it can be dangerous to baby humans as well.

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Hey I like the song but im afraid kids may view it in a ...

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we need to stop war. thats so dumb

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Thank you! How long have you been a Pharm Tech?

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