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All you people who have the hate on you need to listen to the statistics: ONE IN THREE WOMEN WILL SEEK PREGNANCY TERMINATION. This means someone you know has had an abortion and youre making them feel worse about a very difficult decision. Planned Parenthood offers family planning ie how NOT to need an abortion as well as alternatives to abortion adoption whether keeping the baby is an option etc. If you dont support abortion support PP for their role in sex ed and contraception.

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trivia: At 3:44 the continuous chain of bomb that Joker have planned actually supposed to continue until joker left the scene However at the end the bomb malfunctioned for awhile and resulted to the awkward moment for the crew at the time. Here we can see the brilliance of Heath Ledgers acting talent instead of retaking the scene later he stayed in character as the joker and the chain suddenly continues resulting to one of the most awesome scene shot in history of film making

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