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The Count returns??? I havent seen that episode yet. Ive only seen Batman Gotham Knight once and that was in 2011. I need to watch it again to remember but just to be sure is it the one where a feartoxinintoxicated Killer Croc who looks more like a glob with teeth bites and infects Batman with the toxin and at the end he finds many guns in the trash and cant leave with Alfred?

You guys are so adorable together

i dont know but keri has the face of a freak. she looks like she would be sooo much fun in bed. her body is crazy. and luv her body language when she dance ummmmm so sexy she looks horny all the time

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I havent watched your videos in a while and decided to watch one again. I just want to ask one simple question ..... WTF happened to the yackle i once knew?!

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one question: where u edit your videos? please answer me :

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Ugh these ignorant comments D: make me do angry talia was the one who told me not to give up I had cancer most depressing time ever some people have no heart. Really u call her a skank!! Like really thats rude. I would give anything for talia to come back. Some times I try to talk to her in heaven. Miss ya girl. One day ur gonna do my makeup

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